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Margaret Mary Alacoque. The Revelaions of the Sacred Heart. (1673—1675)

Margaret Mary's praying was long and ardent. Especially, when the Blessed Sacrament was exposed, she remained entire hours motionless on her knees, her hand joined, her eyes lowered. Sisters compare her to statue of marble. Sometimes she fainted and it was necessary to carry her to her cell.[1]

During such ecstatic prayers took place the grand revelations of the Sacret Heart. There were three and very distinct revelations with several months in-between.

Those revelations were very interesting in order, their gradation, their increasing beauty. We may see like God raised little by little the mind of His servant to the full understanding of the mission which He was about to entrust to her.

Chosen as abyss of unworthiness. First Revelation (1673-12-27)

This as it seems to me, is what passed:
The Lord said to me,
“My Divine Heart is so passionately in love with men that it can no longer contain within itself the flames of its ardent charity. It must pour them out by thy means, and manifest itself to them to enrich them with its precious treasures, which contain all the graces of which they have need to be saved from perdition. I have chosen thee as an abyss of unworthiness and ignorance to accomplish so great a design, so that all may be done by Me.”

First Revelation. December 27, 1673.
in Emile Bougaud, Life of Blessed Margaret Mary Alacoque, Ch.IX

Little spark of Jesus love in her heart. First Revelation (1673-12-27)

He demanded my heart, and I supplicated Him to take it. He did so, and put it into His own Adorable Heart, in which He allowed me to see it as a little atom being consumed in that fiery furnace. Then, drawing it out like a burning flame in the form of a heart, He put it into the place whence He had taken it saying:

“Behold, My beloved, a precious proof of My love. I inclose in thy heart a little spark of the most ardent flame of My love, to serve thee as a heart and to consume thee till they last moment. Until now thou hast taken only the name of My slave; henceforth thou shalt be called the well-beloved disciple of My Sacred Heart.”

First Revelation. December 27, 1673.
in Emile Bougaud, Life of Blessed Margaret Mary Alacoque, Ch.IX

Console and Rejoice Me. Second Revelation (1674)

He unfolded to me the inexplicable wonders of His pure love, and to what an excess He had carried it for the love of men, from whom He had received only ingratitude.

“This is much more painful to Me than all I suffered in My Passion. If men rendered Me some return of love, I should esteem little all I have done for them, and should wish, if such could be, to suffer it over again; but they meet My eager love with coldness and rebuffs. Do you, at least console and rejoice Me, by supplying as much as you can for their ingratitude.”

Second Revelation. 1674
in Emile Bougaud, Life of Blessed Margaret Mary Alacoque, Ch.IX

Mission. Third Revelation (1675-06-16)

Behold, this Heart which has so loved men that it has spared nothing, even to exhausting and consuming itself, in order to testify its love. In return, I receive from the greater part only ingratitude, by their irreverence and sacrilege, and by the coldness and contempt they have for Me in this sacrament of love. And what is most painful to Me is that they are hearts consecrated to Me.

It is for this reason I ask thee that the first Friday, after the octave of the Blessed Sacrament be appropriated to a special feast, to honor My Heart by communicating on that day, and making reparation for the indignity that it has received. And I promise that My Heart shall dilate to pour out abundantly the influences of its love on all that will render it this honor or procure its being rendered.

Third Revelation. June 16, 1675.
in Emile Bougaud, Life of Blessed Margaret Mary Alacoque, Ch.IX

Records of the Revelaions of the Sacred Heart (1673—1675)

Obliged by her Superiors to write down everything that had happened during the apparitions Margaret Mary made it in struggling with herself. And when writing was returned to her she immediately threw it in the fire. Only one of those copybooks was saved. And the only one that gives us to know a little the greatness of her soul.

It is for Thy love alone, O my God, that I submit to write this in obedience, and I ask Thy pardon for the resistance I have made. But as no one except Thyself can know the extent of the repugnance that I feel, so it is only Thou that canst give me the strength to overcome it.

I receive this order as coming from Thee; and by its fulfillment I wish to punish the excessive joy and precaution that I have taken to follow the great inclination that I have always had to bury myself in eternal oblivion of creatures. O my Sovereign Good, may I write nothing but for Thy Greater glory and my still greater confusion!

I proceed through obedience, O my God, without any other design than that of satisfying Thee by the martyrdom which I suffer in penning these lines, every word of which seems to me a sacrifice. But mayest Thou be glorified by it eternally!

The Revelaions of the Sacred Heart. 1673—1675.
in Emile Bougaud, Life of Blessed Margaret Mary Alacoque, Ch.IX


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