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Gertrude the Great

Born: 6 January, 1256; 
Died:  17 November, 1302 (aged 46); Helfta, Eisleben, Saxony

She claimed to be spiritually married to Jesus through His heart. Her visions prepared the cult of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the Catholic Church.

Her true writings concern the cult of the Passion of the Lord and the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

“I am constantly in her, then inevitably she is in me”

He [the Lord] said: “The chastity that gives Gertrude perfect peace and is so dear to Me comes from the fact that I have chosen My abode in her calm soul. And since I am constantly in her, it is inevitable that she is in Me. If she sometimes has to leave Me, let her do like a loving bride — when she is called somewhere, she usually takes her fiance by the hand and leads her. If she needs to interrupt the rest of contemplation to work for the salvation of her neighbor, let her keep Me in her heart by baptizing him. Before speaking, let her whisper My Name — and then say whatever My grace inspires her to do. Likewise, her patience in order to please Me must be the result of peace and learning in her soul, that is, she must be equally calm and enlightened. On the one hand, she must take care of maintaining peace and tranquility in her soul, so that no troubles and sorrows could deprive her of them, and on the other hand, let her always see in her mind's eye what she endures these sufferings for, and let she will have no other cause for suffering than love, so that she can present to Me the proof of her absolute fidelity.”

“… she became one spirit with me”

[The Lord's] answer was: “I bound her soul and My Heart so closely with the bonds of mercy that she became one spirit with Me. That is why it so instantly responds to all My desires. The harmony and mutual understanding that exists between the heart of a person and the individual members of his body turn out to be no greater than those that exist between My Soul and the soul of Gertrude. And just as the hands of a person instantly fulfill his desire, for they are completely subordinate to the will of his heart, as his eyes immediately open if his heart desires, so Gertrude is always with Me and at any moment is ready to perform those movements that I recommend to her.”

Overcome your distrust of Christ

He [the Lord] replied: “Everyone can at least a little overcome his distrust, having the testimony of Holy Scripture, and say, if not with his heart, then at least with his lips: If I have to be thrown into hell, then You, O Lord, will deliver me from there.

Reverence to the Blessed Virgin

When Gertrude offered herself in prayer to the Lord and asked what she should do this time, He answered: “Honor My Mother sitting next to Me and praise her”. After that, Gertrude began to pay honors to the Queen of the Kingdom of Heaven, reciting the verse "Paradise of Delights", and, extolling her, began to ask the Virgin Mary to give her a heart adorned with so many virtues so that the Lord could find delight by settling in it. Then the Blessed Virgin bent over her and planted in her soul the most varied flowers of virtue — the rose of love, the lily of virginity, the violet of humility and obedience, and many others.

Jesus gave her His Sacred Heart

Once, when Gertrude tried to give a special meaning to every note and every word of her chant, she was so hampered in this by the weakness of her human nature that, in the end, she exclaimed: “Alas! What benefit can I get from the rite if I am so unbalanced?” But Jesus gave her His Sacred Heart in the form of a shining lamp and said: “Look, I give the eyes of your soul My loving Heart is the Heart of the Holy Trinity, which can do everything that you cannot do, so that for Me you will look in all perfect. For as a faithful servant is always ready to fulfill any order of his master, so from now on My Heart will be ready at any moment to correct your shortcomings and omissions.”

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