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Father Adam Skwarczynski

Christ's Parousia

Conversation between Fr. Artur Migas (Barcelona, Spain) anf Father Adam Skwarczynski (Poland). English narration: Tom Karol (London, Great Britain) July 27, 2012. [video]

Fr. Artur: A warm welcome father Adam! We are at father Adam’s family home built by his grandparents, surrounded as we are by nature and all its beauty, birds singing, the trees breathing in the air – Fr. Adam, first of all we’d like to hear something of your life’s history, where your family comes from. [01:03]

Fr. Adam: At the moment we are one hundred kilometres east of Warsaw, not far from the Moscow-Berlin railway line… When my great-grandfather left Wolf he came here an built a mill by a nearby river. When the mill was burned out at the beginning of the World War I his children were dispersed around the world and his son built a wooden house about a kilometre away from the mill, which is exactly where we are sitting right now. This beautiful single-storied wooden house survived the second World War but was greatly damaged: the whole of the ground floor and the roof were completely burned out but were rebuilt upon my parents return to this place after World War II. It was here that they lived and brought me up. [01:57]

This old wooden house was the very place of my experiences – the vision which I had been receiving since my childhood in which I was allowed to know all of my future life in detail. At the time I did not know that it was the future, I only realized it when I came to a certain place which had been known to me since my childhood, and it was in reality the same with all of the more important places. I also know that this place in which I have lived since I was three years old, where I was brought up, will be the last leg of my Earthly journey, it is from here – I know the season of the year -- that my soul is to be taken to heaven soon. The nearby garden is to become the very place of my sacrifice which I had offered to God, and I know that it was accepted. [02:54]

Why then, despite being a sixty-six year old priest, I am not yet a senior retiree? Did I find myself here, when I could be doing pastoral work. I had done pastoral work for quite a number of long years as an assistant priest followed by almost ten years work as a parish priest. When serving at the last parish I undertook doctorate studies at the Lublin Catholic University which I completed in 1993, when I obtained my doctorate. My thesis was published in Epocolanf. The thesis is dedicated to the relationship of The Most Blessed Virgin Mary with the Holy Spirit. I was specially fascinated by the eschatological theme in the writings of Maximilian Maria Kolbe and the Russian Orthodox theologian Sergius Bulgakov, who lived in exile after the revolution in Russia. They both saw the coming of the Marian Ages, as saint Maximilian called it, as well as a new era of the Holy Spirit, as being the very triumph of the Immaculate Heart, as we call it today, based on the word uttered by Our Lady of Fatima, even though neither of them alluded the message of Fatima. [04:12]

I settled down in this place neither to rest nor to retire, and strictly with the bishop’s permission, I was granted a special grace that also allowed me to have here a chapel with the most blessed sacrament. For many years I’ve been counseling in spiritual matters through meetings with people and frequently also by telephone, by the internet and by regular mail – that’s my daily work. [04:46]

Fr. Artur: Fr. Adam, you mention the triumph of the immaculate heart of Mary as foretold by Our Lady of Fatima; also here in Poland Our Lord Jesus spoke to sister Faustina Kowalska, St. Faustina, on many occasions that his final coming was drawing near, so he was opening wide the door to his merciful heart in order that anyone who only wanted to could freely pass through it without being “pushed through”, so to speak: “the door of God’s justice”. Coming back to it, I would like to ask you Fr. Dr. Adam how the Church from its very beginnings, from the dawn of its history, live by the faith in Christ’s Parousia and His Last Judgment which Jesus had foretold from the very beginning, from the time he began his public ministry preaching the gospel. [05:42]

Fr. Adam: There is no doubt, the early church lived in the ambiance of joyful expectation of the impending return of the Lord. The Greek phrase “Maranatha” was a kind of welcome expression to them. It was even necessary to scold some for their over-eagerness in waiting for the impending Parousia, for their not wanting to be part of the life of the world: not getting married, not working… We know this from St. Paul’s epistles: -- “The lord is near” write the Apostle. Later, over the ensuing centuries – it’s difficult to pinpoint when exactly it happened – a definite lessening of the joy could be noted, connected with the Parousia: The Second Coming of the Lord. [06:31]

Eventually, the Parousia started to be identified with the Last Judgment, which is supposed to take place at the end of the world’s history. Thus, it is no wonder that the event can be associated with some immense dread, some pressure of an advent, so that no one would raise their head up to heaven with joy but rather with some fear. That fear also found expression in some liturgical songs, as in the famous hymn “Dies Irae” – day of wrath. [07:02]

Still, Christ the Lord clearly spoke of his two comings rather than his one final coming. When foretelling the chastisement that was to cleanse all mankind, all the Earth, in the physical sense, he spoke of nations in dismay, perplexed by the roaring of the sea and the waves, of the signs in the heavens: the stars will fall, the sun will not shine, the moon will be eclipsed – all this will be so terrifying, that people will faint, as he put it, in anticipation of what is coming upon the world… because at the very end there will be only a remnant of believers surrounded by worshippers of Satan, who will be released from his prison… [07:52] Thus this event would not make sense were it to contain it to the very end of the world. Why would Our Lord come with such dread invoking fear in those who will be otherwise beset, persecuted, the last martyrs. [08:07]

John Paul II most clearly distinguished these two eschatological events are separate from each other, which could be observed during his meeting with journalists in Fulda, Germany, there he clearly referred to the Fatima revelations about which he was actually asked, and said that in his view it should not be disclosed now, not the events, but the so called third secret, because it’s quite dreadful in its description. If it is written there and these are his words, millions of people lose their lives from minute to minute and their living will be envious of the dead, then you can see for yourselves that now is not the right moment to reveal the secret; and it was he who said right there in Fulda that the Church must now be cleansed by the blood of martyrs, that’s how it was historically and it won’t be any different this time around. “Don’t ask about anything more”, if you wanted more then, he took out the rosary and said: “recite the rosary”, and that is the key to understanding of these issues. [09:25]

When he was preparing the Church for the Jubilee in 2000, he very powerfully and clearly used the phrases “the approaching new spring of the church and new Pentecost, the new descent of the Holy Spirit”. Unfortunately, pope John II neither understood nor heard when he uttered those words, they went unheeded and ignored as if nothing were to happen because up until this day only a minority of the church hierarchy are open to accepting the message of the Lord second coming as separate from his final coming. They are not able to come out, to meet Him, call Him Maranatha, very few do, today the church is somewhat divided into the hierarchical part which wait only the last judgment, and the other part, the multitude, much like the renewal movement that leans on the not always genuine charismatic and private revelations. And us awakened and agitated by these contemporary prophets; they are waiting for what is to come, as they believe in great expectation, which many others laugh at when they hear of people preparing food and other kinds of provision which are to protect them. Here we see a great discord in the church. [10:50]

Therefore it is no wonder that I who have seen the whole of my future life against the backdrop of the future of the world and I dare to preach those things in my surroundings, I found myself right in this place, in this quiet place, thrust away from the work of the diocese, and the parish, perceived to be someone who is not fully mentally fit in his head, not quite with-it because he preaches something which is not generally accepted. I have lived with this notion since my childhood because my father, a communication’s officer a leftenant in the communications core spent the whole of World War II as a prisoner of war at the Prison of War Camp for officers in Murnau, Germany. It was there that he had developed the expectation for a great transformation which he instilled in me; so much so, that I even committed errors concerning that expectation, paying too much attention to my father’s view which held that for three decades in tears and bewilderment that people suffering would last and then one great heart would come and do the miracle all by itself. According to his calculations it was to take place roughly in the year 1975, when nothing happened, he was very surprised, but his son, who was already a priest by then dared to mention that date in several places, since then I have been considered to be a false prophet. [12:36]

Fr. Artur: Father, you have mentioned the prophecy according to which after three decades, meaning the 70’s: “one great heart would come and renew everything”, and even though was not in 1975, to the disappointment of many who meticulously counted those thirty years for the year 1945, it was indeed in the 70’s that one great heart appeared – John Paul II. And he started to renew everything… [13:07]

Fr. Adam: My knowledge of the future allows me to assess writings and messages of contemporary prophets, to correct them, to reject false ones. And people often turn to me in such matters. I must speak and write on the subject. Lately, more and more of those have appeared on the internet. I’ve written a novel on this subject. [13:35] Unable to speak clearly as a theologian who would preach about these matters, since I would’ve been disowned straight away, I resorted to another way of putting them across: I first collected all the available data – some from the book of Revelation, some from the pronouncements of Our Lord Jesus Christ, some from the messages of the Marian apparitions from the last few centuries, some from the messages of the contemporary charismatics, as well as what I myself have seen when transported into the future. Based on such texts and messages I wrote a novel entitled “Into the New World with an Angel”. I had to write it using a somewhat peculiar alias “Ivan Novotny” which as it later turned out, did put many people off, in Poland. It helped me avoid any kind of hostile campaign against me which would withhold, suppress the novel. Thousands of copies sold throughout the whole country. I later wrote a sequel called “Enter into Joy” pertaining to the very end of the world to the three and half years before the end of the world. At the end of the novel, there is a description of my own death and, even though I put it there, it doesn’t mean that it is to take place at all just before the end of the world. I am expecting it from one week to another, perhaps even this year, if the lord God decides it to be so, of course. It arouses even more amusement in many who wonder: how one can know the time of one’s death, one’s passing away from the world, thus I have been further plunged and pushed into the margins. Nonetheless, I know that it will be a martyr’s death because I’ve agreed to it and accepted it, just as I saw it as a child. I know the faces of the people who are going to take my life away from me, I know the place, I also know the season of the year, and I’m convinced that just as all which happened to me in the past came through, so will these details may also come to be. [15:54] Since I offered my life for our Lord about the year 1977 to expedite the coming of God’s kingdom on Earth, for the triumph of the most sacred hearts of Jesus and Mary. I am now adding on the heart of Joseph. Thus, it will be a world that the three most sacred Hearts will triumph. Somewhat representing the whole trinity: God the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, thus on Earth: Jesus, Mary and Joseph. [16:23]

Fr. Artur: If those visions however underestimated or even rejected come true both in your personal life and in the life of the Church, let us then make it clear: what will be cleansing action of the Holy Spirit in the Church? How should we await it? What are we to expect? Will it be a true miracle of God’s divine mercy? [16:47]

Fr. Adam: John Paul II as I have already mentioned was neither heard on this matter nor understood. Still we do not know the secrets of his activities from the Father’s house. Certainly he went away to continue his mission, so we may assume that he continues to build the renewal of the world and the Church. I personally owe a lot to him, ten days before the assassination attempt on his life in 1991, I had an opportunity of approaching him in the Vatican gardens, when I asked him for his blessings for the ministry of healing the sick. The pope replied: “May God bless!” Since that time many sicks have regained good health after our prayers. [17:31]

Concerning the knowledge I was giving about impending events, as to how this wonderful world called by some the new paradise on Earth would come to be. The first stage of the Parousia will be justice Christ had foretold, taking all by surprise, like a lightning which appears in the East and at the same time shines in the West simultaneously. So it’ll be with the coming of the Son of the Man. He will appear, coming with great power on clouds, surrounded by angels and saints which we know from some writings of some mystics. An orthodox mystic, Vassula Ryden, gives the most comprehensive description of the first stage of the chastisement of the world known as “The Warning”, it’s called “El Aviso” in Spanish, as mentioned in the revelations of Our Lady of Garabandal, where very clearly the Mother of God also foretold this event. Even the date was given to one of the visionary girls, who knows it to this day and is going to reveal it several days before the event takes place. Her name is Conchita Gonzales. I had had no idea about it, not the slightest. I went one night for prayers into the church where I served as a parish priest, it was there, at around midnight, I fell into a kind of rapture… as I was coming out of it, I realized that I’d been at a particular judgment, where all the Earthly beings had taken part along with me, all at the same time, he was so terrifying, and at the same time so realistic that I left the church and began to look around in all directions in order to find some kind of confirmation of it; at last, there was no confirmation…as people were sleeping, dogs were barking, nothing around me had changed. Then I understood that was only granted to me alone. Sometime later, in about a year’s time, I took part in a retreat for the Marian movement of priests in San Marino, Italy, preached by Fr. Gobbi. I belong to that movement. It was there that I got from one of the priests, he was German, a book in French by Fr. Eusebio Garcia de Pesquera – Garabandal, Facts and Dates. When I began to read it, I was shaken, because in the framework of the Garabandal revelations I found the prediction of such an event: the Parousia will consist of several stages; it could even be said that the Parousia might mean the whole period from the appearance of Christ in the clouds, and the judgment called “El Aviso”, The Warning, until the end of the world because Christ will not come only for a moment then, but will actually begin the foretold and the waited coming of His kingdom on Earth. The very moment of the warning itself will consist of two stages: the first one being very joyful for those involved, as even those who have never known Christ or His teaching before, nor have had any form of contact with His Church, will suddenly see Him. They will see Him in His beauty, in His majesty, in His radiance, obviously subdued as our earthly eyes can only bear a glimpse of that glory … [20:58] And in a moment Christ will take on the task of judge; that will be the same judgment which we call particular, and which is related to our death. Most probably, it will include all people from the age of eight. And thus, all of our whole lives, whether as adults or children who have entered into the age of reason: all will see a kind of film before their eyes depicting their lives, which at that moment will certainly keep them on hold. No one will care where they are or what are the external circumstances in which they found themselves, one will only be absorbed by that vision, into an assessment of one’s life through the eyes of God. Those who will be spiritually prepared, the ones who are presently in a close relationship with Christ, living in His grace have nothing to fear, even though they see their imperfections, their sins are already forgiven them because they received the holy sacraments. Most probably, if they received them unorderly they will be saddened but not perplexed; for them, it will be an incentive to do some intensive work with themselves: if you my God love me so much and expect it in return, I desire to plunge into the work, the transformation, the work for you, for your kingdom. Yet, on the other side of the reality there will be also those who not only have lived without God, but are hostile towards Him, have fought against Him. There will be also those enslaved and possessed by Satan to such a degree that they won’t be able to stretch out their hands towards the coming Lord and plead with Him – “Have mercy on me!”--, they will act under the influence of a distorted image of God, which they carry inside themselves, because Satan distorts it; they see God as cruel, distant, absent in their lives, and even if He appears to them as love they will reject Him. [22:58] For such people, it will be their death: that is the judgment related to their death. At the moment of the warning millions will die, and those who die will be the ones possessed by the love of self and evil. The ones remaining on Earth will be divided into two categories: those I have already mentioned, as the ones doing penance, and those who have first resolved to correct themselves but their resolution is not strong enough in them to persevere. In an instant, Satan will return bringing with him seven worse than himself, as our Lord Jesus said, and will want to leave them to being possessed until the nth degree. And thus, these very people will become persecutors of the church. The time of martyrs which John Paul II mentioned in Fulda will then ensue, the Church is to be cleansed by their blood; it won’t be a long persecution, as after The Warning, in about a year, the Lord God will intervene in the history of the world and will perform the miracle foretold in Garabandal and described in a similar way in Medjugorje. The miracle can be presumed to be much like the cloud, falling onto the Earth under which the Jews wandering through the desert found refuge, the pillar of cloud which led them for forty years: when they came out of their tents in the morning, they looked toward the tent of meeting and when they saw the pillar of cloud hovering over it, they hid in their tents and waited until such time when it rose, upwards, over the tent of meeting; and when it did, they followed it until it stopped again. [24:40] At night, in turn, the pillar of cloud resembled a pillar of fire, and it seems a miracle like that was also foretold in Garabandal, where, on the mountain of apparitions, and in some other places of the world, a pillar of cloud is to touch the ground, which at night is to become a pillar of fire. And the pope is supposed to see it right there, where he will be at the time. It is also to appear in Medjugorje, on the mountain called “Podbrdo”, it will be kind of a finger of God descending onto the Earth and proclaiming to the people: you are given a final opportunity to repent and acknowledge my fatherly authority over you showing me your love. And it’s somewhat of an ultimatum to mankind: those who will ignore that ultimatum will be swiftly taken away from this Earth, and God will leave only those who will be worthy of entering His kingdom on Earth. We don’t know however which moment to accommodate the chastisements foretold by Lord Jesus. They will probably take place between the miracle: that pillar of cloud and the so called “the three days of darkness” which will end the period of chastisement and cleansing of the Earth. One religious sister, known to me, saw those three days of darkness and she describes them as days in which demons will be released from hell and even taken visible form, they will fish out all those belonging to them, and thus the Earth will be cleansed of those people. Probably those events are mentioned in the still not yet fully revealed part of the third Fatima Secret. Nation will rise up against nation, kingdom against kingdom, there’ll be earthquakes in places, smokes and fire will rain down from the heavens, and the waters of the oceans will be turned into vapor throwing spray up into the sky, nobody will be able to stand in their feet, millions of people lose their lives, hour by hour – John Paul II said “minute by minute”, but he refers to the same secret, the same event --, the living will envy the dead. [26:51] I was given the opportunity to living through, and seeing that chastisement, but being a child at the time, I did not remember much of the experience apart from the atmosphere of manes, raining of the Earth, which was submitted to those terrifying convulsions of cleansing. I watched the Earth from a great height, thus I was able to take in the whole of the Northern Hemisphere, covered with snow at the time in a single glance; and when the Spring came, everything was transformed in an instant: people filled with joy came out singing hymns to the Lord in gratitude for having spared them, and taken them on the threshold of the new world. I can only say that bird’s-eye few visions, I was aware of the Earth going through such horrific convulsions, engaged in some kind of war – explosions, possibly nuclear – that at any moment I was under the impression that it would cease to exist, I would just fall apart. Later, I also saw specific chastisements: one of them was a huge meteor striking the Earth which became a meteorite – it’s a meteor in the air, and a meteorite when striking an object --, so, I was raised up in the sky, able to watch that huge meteorite toward which Earth’s inhabitants had fired possibly two rockets which were pushed aside by some hand, missing the target, and it was then obvious that the meteorite must hit the Earth. I remember the dread preceding something like a countdown of the minutes and seconds – and probably that strike caused an earthquake, although I do not recall a connection between one and the other which I was experiencing here in this house in which there is a chapel in the basement and where we will end our today’s meeting. I was crouching in the corner and leaving through a quake or a swaying of the whole house which partly damaged it as the plaster was falling from the ceiling and the stairs were probably covered, fragmented. [28:54]

Fr. Artur: Even though these apocalyptic visions fill one with dread, fear and horror, still there is a horizon of light behind them, and it’s about the new world, about the visions of the new world emerging as if from conflagration of the old world, which I would like to ask you about now father Adam. [29:14]

Fr. Adam: I described it as best as I could in the novel “Into the New World with an Angel”, here my language is too inadequate to describe it, because we can do it only in categories known to us, categories of the world that surrounds us. So, how to describe, for instance, new clothes, which have not yet been seen by anyone having only [at] one’s disposal the old clothing which is falling apart, after having been previously patched up. I am dressed in the old patched-up clothing and say: “imagine that I am wearing unbeatable clothes”… now, how can I describe it? It is not easy because will be the Spirit, not matter which will fill the cleansed, renewed world. So, the transformation of Spirit, and that was what Our Lord Jesus saw when he spoke of the coming of His Kingdom, and not in the way the Jews awaited it, but He had in mind the kingdom of the Spirit: “If anyone loves me,” He said, “he will keep my word and my father will love him, I will come to him and make our home with him,” that will be the Kingdom of God in souls. When He rains in people’s souls, he will also rain in the surrounding world. The whole of nature will thus be transformed; it will not only become friendly to man who up to now has been surrounded by pests, worms, various diseases, microbes, which have been destroying him, but when faithful to God the new Israel will receive a similar promise to the one of the old Israel did – “If you obey me I will bless you” this very blessing will be made manifest in the whole world surrounding us, in our physical state and in the state of nature being transformed all around us. In order to somehow visualize it to people, at least from the point of view of nature, I will gladly describe the case of transformation which took place in the South American town called Almolonga, Guatemala, where people have been so deprived that in that small place several ever crowded prisons existed – incredible moral decline of the people. [31:24] It all started when some bandits threatened to kill a Protestant pastor and when they were just about to do it, by pointing a gun into his mouth, it did not fire: the bandits left him in peace, and the pastor out of gratitude to God for having been saved, began to get together a small group of people, there was nobody there to pry – Protestant communities were either non-existent or virtually empty; people began to pray together with him for the transformation of the whole town they were joined by those who previously had been indifferent, distant, churches began to fill up, people started meeting together in families and eventually after some years the prisons were no longer needed. The last prison closed in 1998 and changed into a wedding parlor. The people changed so much, prayed so much, got so close to God, that they acknowledged Him even in public life, and God replied with showering of His blessings upon them. If at the time of their moral decline just a few lorries a year loaded with vegetables left their fields, so after the conversion several dozen lorries a week drove way carrying the crops of the field, so enormous! That it was only good anywhere in America or in the whole world. They write on the internet that a cabbage could be so huge that the head of a woman holding the cabbage disappears behind it… Or carrots as massive as a forearm: huge vegetables, so abundant that the small town has become a provider of neighboring countries. With no microorganisms or any additional fertilizers. As for my childhood visions, I can say that I saw my own garden in which we are sitting in three stages: first it appeared just as it was during my father’s time, I did not know it yet as a child, it was all filled with beehives thirty something beehives beautifully tended with plants for the bees; later I saw it in a state of total neglect, just as it is now: overgrown, dying trees, new branches eaten out by cancer – disintegrating, ailing. [33:55] Finally, the third stage of the gardens existence, that is in a new world: it was so beautiful, with little alley ways, all around, full of flowers, people working there with joy, filled with fruits completely unknown to me, foreign to our climate, more typical of the Mediterranean climate; several kinds of palms growing here – the climate is to change in Poland, and it is to be a temperate climate all over the world. Well, first and foremost, the essence of this new world is what I would describe as matter illuminated by spirit, I’ve seen it many times – suddenly I was startled at how it could be in other words: such a powerful spirit radiate out of matter, so luminescent, so colorful, raising us up to God, filling us with joy… It’s difficult to describe, there’s nothing to compare it with, it’s as if the whole nature that surrounds us was shining with a new brilliance. I imagine it to be a piece of heaven, because it’s also supposed to be illuminated by the spirit of love, the sun won’t be needed there. People should strive toward such a kind of world, even if they stand before God at the warning time when they are at His judgment seat, they should hold onto this wonderful perspective of the world which they are to enter with joy , praising God with hymns for the great things He’s done for them. Thus, a magnificat world, a world worshipping God. If they don’t have this perspective then what will happen when Christ comes suddenly like a lightning and his judgment falls on them? They will find themselves in terrifying panic, unable to raise their hearts up. And as Christ said to Saint Faustina that Poland was to prepare the world for His second coming, it’s more or less the same from her, a eve from Poland would come forth to prepare the spark. It’s something extremely important, I supposed that’s why we are here talking about it right now… [36:20] I would very much like for this filmed interview to spread around the world, so that the suffering I have to go through, and still will have to go through by offering my final sacrifice will bear the fruits of hope; perhaps there is someone out there who will translate all this, not just into Spanish but also into English or into other languages and send it out into the world, since I have discovered my calling at the end of my life. It seems that God is being showing me all out so that I become a witness to a reality not yet known to people. I am a witness ready to give up my life to testify that what I am saying here and now is true. I take God for my witness, the God in whom we live and move and have our being, the one who creates this world for us, which is temporarily believed by us, the God who will later create the new as a beautiful world. I take God for my witness that what I am saying is true to the extent that I was able to come to know it, to ascertain. When people are prepared to cross over onto the other shore, over the footbridge of The Warning – El Aviso --, that terrifying judgment following by chastisements encompassing the whole Earth, along with earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, then, they will go through those experiences having been prepared for it. This calling of mine, more vivid in the last few months, is a sort of offshoot of what I’ve called powerful spark that God wanted to come out of Poland and to prepare people; maybe will be added to that flame whose name is John Paul II who entrusted the world to God’s divine mercy after having entrusted it to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Maybe, but I ardently desire for its having a practical meaning, the rest will happen from the other side: when my persecutors throw themselves upon me, those Satanists will take my earthly life way in accordance with God’s will, I promise to help everybody to cross that footbridge to new world from the other side. [38:49]

Fr. Artur: Fr. Adam, you said that we must get ready for that pitiful time, but by the same token, cooperate with Christ who saves, chastises, makes his human family holy. Thus, referring to the appeals which Christ directed to saints and mystics in the 19th and 20th centuries, saying that he needed sacrifice, suffering, prayer in order to save, to continue His work of people sanctification, cleansing them from their sins. What does Christ expect from us at this time? How should we prepare ourselves for the “El Aviso”, The Warning? How to save other who at the time must be in peril by loss of hope in God, trust in Him, in His mercy? [39:40]

Fr. Adam: As to the first part of the question – how we personally should get ready?—I will answer as follows: take stock of your life and fulfill Christ’s requirements, that’s the simplest way of putting it. And when Christ the Lord comes, he will not look us with a severe look, but will smile at us, and praise us. The best way is to make a general confession, that is, prepare for the whole life confession, it applies both to those who often confess and those who have not practiced the sacrament of penance for many years, there is a possibility then that they live in grievous sin, and when Christ comes and show them this reality from inside, they will see in terror as the Orthodox mystic Vassula Ryden writes: “that they have been breathing a serpent in their souls, a hellish serpent.” People may not be aware of such reality because Satan has ensnared them so much, so silenced their conscience, simply persuaded it convincing them that they are almost saved; they should take a sheet of paper, a pen and pray to the Holy Spirit and their guardian angel and go around with this piece of paper until all that comes to mind is noted down on it, in some order of course, and that will constitute a written examination of conscience which they can then later take along to a priest sitting in confession. The reason why this confession is so important is because perhaps we’ve been receiving the sacrament of confession since our childhood but we might not have made a strong resolution not to sin anymore. Others queued for confession we are there too, sometime has passed, and it was Lent. And even in such a case when a person is overwhelmed with some sorts of addictions: a deviant, totally broken on the inside by an evil spirit, seems to be reassured as he’s made an Easter confession, but he had no resolved to sin anymore. [41:41] If they did not resolve to sin anymore than they are not absolved even though the priest said to them – “I absolve you”. It doesn’t mean that can one guarantee God, a priest, oneself, that will never get back to the sin, that would be pride, one can’t guarantee that, but should turn away from sin with all one’s might, at least at the time of doing the penance… So, a firm resolution to sin no more. The second condition is confessing sin accurately: everyone knows that failing to confess a grievous sin results in the withholding of absolution no matter what the reason may be, as well as the lack of true repentance, that is often the case which causes a lack of absolution, even though a person came an melted in the confession, they have no real relationship with Christ when they have tormented with their sins, they go and turn to a priest as if they were sitting at a coffee table: father, I did this and that so many years ago, just like that, completely unaware of where they actually are. [42:48] The sacrament of penance means coming to Golgotha to the cross of Christ from whose numerous wounds the redeemer’s blood falls on me, that is washing oneself in the blood of the lamb and it is approaching the redeemer and apologizing to Him for these wounds which I have inflicted on him by my sins, each and every man has somehow tortured Him, in their own way. So, true repentance, that is why before each confession there must be a deep emotion and a passion of Christ, the contemplations of some of its details so that contrition can be invoked in the following manner of the heart: “Lord, how much I have caused you, only you know it… I don’t know it, but I have come to ask you forgiveness, that is your mystery, if you showed it to me now, I would probably die from the fear… If you showed me the wounds I have inflicted on you with my own hand, the reparation to God and to neighbor maybe prolonged, even if one has not managed to do it on Earth than it must be done in purgatory, after death. [43:58] However, there is also a sixth condition to the sacrament of penance, no less important than the five catechistic ones, without which reconciliation with God is not possible, that is, the reconciliation with another human being. And so, forgiveness, forgiveness from the depths of one’s heart – obviously one can be in conflict with somebody for years and not do enough to forgive the person, and perhaps they should ask for their forgiveness-- these are two different things: I forgive if I feel completely innocent I forgive from the heart. If I forgive you, I treat as if you were my friend and not an enemy; I talk to you with love. Another case is when I am at fault and I’m asked: ask you for your forgiveness, that is, I apologize to you and I forgive you and only after this being resolved with all the people can we come to God. Well, and He of the terrible wounds mutually inflicted by one another and they go on without solving such problems, even though people receive Lord Jesus in sacrilegious holy communion of a many years they may then see the state of their souls in dismay, that’s why they should reflect upon it and fulfill these conditions now before Christ shows them that film depicting the whole of their lives. That’s the answer to the first question. Have to prepare oneself personally, repair any harm done to anyone as later there won’t be occasion to do it: there’ll be no money, no world as we know it from which we could have formerly drawn on, we will be left empty handed. I haven’t spoken about it, but that’s exactly how the mankind will enter the new world: humbly, bowed down before God but empty handed because the Lord God will take away all those toys which they have so far being filling their lives with, including the internet, all the electrical and transport networks etc. [46:04] The Earth silent, the Earth submerged in prayer and the Earth beloved by men who have to immerse his hands into it with respect. Dig his hands into it in order to grow some plants for sustenance, as there will be no shops no wholesale stores, no one can go to buy food, that will be the way mankind will start life in the new world: from primitive conditions, from sharing all that one possesses, whatever it may be: you have a box of matches, but there’s no shops – I could get two, oh yes… So I can ask you to give me one match. Or you have a torch, manually operated, and it gives out light – I need it – they will go from one person to another and ask: have you got this? And perhaps you might need that, things will be shared around. So I come back to how should we help others to enter the Parousia, Our Lady of Fatima spoke to us clearly enough by showing hell to children and also during their judgment many people would see the hell they deserve, other are to see purgatory and few, heaven, in the “Aviso”, The Warning, for a moment everyone will see the place in which they ought to find themselves; the mother of God showed children hell and at the same time she also showed them Her own Heart, pricked with the thorns of sins, She said: “You have seen hell, where thousands of sinners go because no one has offered themselves or is praying for them”. She puts sacrifice in first place. I was granted this experience of going deeply into the mystery of the cross, our apostolic cross, which we are to take up for the sake of our neighbors who are standing on the brink of eternal loss. Over twenty years ago, when I used to visit the sick, I offered the mass for them every month, giving them a special benediction based on the one I had received from John Paul II[48:02] The church was full. From then on I began to write for people, especially those carrying a heavier cross, how to recognize its value, how to turn it into an apostolic cross. We all are, by our very nature, huge egoists, we are – amusing this image – much like a pond into which water is flown in a kind of trickle and it’s flowing out the other end in a dribble, and there is no flow, everything in the pond reeks, becomes overgrown until the pond becomes a swamp, then a peat bog and finally a meadow. Every person is called on not only to reward the eternal salvations for themselves, but to help others get to heaven. It could be done by showing one’s love to others and there is no love without sacrifice; every cross that any man takes up, must become more and more apostolic for the sake of others, they shouldn’t just drag it behind them grumbling – I can’t do it anymore – some even say that God is very cool for allowing them to suffer so much; that is so because they can’t see the merits of their suffering from the heavenly perspective, thus people find it so hard. I began to write and called the people who used to gather around me “the union of sacrificial souls”. This is a term that has been known in mysticism for many years in various languages, these people were able to understand. I’d written five notebooks for them entitled “The union of sacrificial souls” but my bishop did not like these notebooks, I had to revise them and probably rightly so as I was able to publish them later in book form at the well known publishing house of the Mcclain Fathers, Michaelanium. Its first volume pertains to our personal cross, how are we to understand, how are we to accept it? It contains a novena preparing one through accepting a personal apostolic cross. The second volume describes various problems I have encountered during my meetings with people in the ministry of spiritual counseling. [50:19]

Fr. Artur: Is there any feedback from people? Are Christians deciding to change their attitudes towards their spiritual, evangelical activity? [50:33]

Fr. Adam: Yes, the feedback is increasing. I can say that lately it’s been increasing in an avalanche-like manner, because I was invited by some friends of mine to work with them on a website run by them; the website has many readers, and thousands of people read my posts and read my books. The book “In the School of the Cross” is also available on the internet. I’ve recently called these people “Earthly angels on the brink”, linking them to an angelic calendar from which I remember the description of several angels. Among them the angel of the day of my birth, Saint Anael, whom I chose to be my guide around the new world in my novel; I also remember the description of a mighty somewhat dark being, who unceasingly hovers over the brink between the moment of death and the moment of final conversion. When the fate of a sinner is being decided and when he or she just as Gloria Polo reported in her book, “Struck by Lightning”, hangs by one leg over the abyss of hell and sees what they have deserved, there is still a moment when they can be converted. That angel when there’s the smallest chance for conversion grabs hold of them and so they’re transported from that hellish abyss to the seat of God’s judgment. Then can’t go back as death has happened, but that judgment turns positive for them, so to speak, at the very last moment. I encourage all those people to prepare to offer themselves, the daily cross, and live their lives in union with the sacrifice of Christ for all those who will shortly experience the particular judgment that is all the people in the world to do just that, I encourage those who are able to understand it, to offer themselves for others. [52:25] There is a message that I’ve received for myself personally for the blessing Virgin Mary which goes like this: “Now, don’t ask God for much, ask Him for everything”, it doesn’t matter if you are praying for the conversion of your nearest and dearest ones, members of your family, of for the conversion of several billion people presently living on Earth, because God is never ending in his gifts, and for Him, there is no difference if He endows several people with His grace or billions of them. At this time we are to enlarge our hearts and embrace billions of people, pray for them, and their conversion, and offer our own sacrifices for them. These sacrificial souls and our standing in a line and steadfastly walking into this path, trying to pass the message of sacrifice to one person to another, and I think that this movement is growing; if it spreads to other countries it would be wonderful. Surely, people hear the teaching about the cross without which one can’t enter into heaven, but if only they knew that in a very short time from now, many, many could be saved through this sacrificial offerings as the moment of judgment is approaching. Then, they might bring themselves to become heroes, they wouldn’t continue to live an ordinary life, just crawling through life’s daily events, but would instead plunge themselves into the world of apostolate through the sacrificial offerings. I am convinced that my impending death, that I know of, will be for the benefit of others, that it will mobilize them, even more to become a sacrificial offering. They will see that what that priest, that poor, previously unknown to anybody and living in the countryside said is confirmed by the seal of his sacrifice, which God has accepted from him. I’m one hundred percent convinced that at this moment God needs my death more than my life. [54:27] I am getting there by writing, talking, just like here, I’m fulfilling all the task given to me, and then I will be no longer be needed here. I call my death “entry into joy”, and so, that’s what I have called the second part of my novel because I’ve seen what great happiness there was bound up with the moment of my death. How my soul in the hands of the Most Blessed Mother will sail up to the throne of the triune God. For me, it was the most moving encounter of my entire life, even though later I had several more of those encounters: When I was a teenager, I was taken up to the threshold of heaven led into a land where neither time nor space existed. That, was the very moment of death. I am not focused on the experience of suffering or martyrdom but my spirit is completely immersed, I am ascending toward the final happy end with joy. On that basis I wrote about martyrdom as something which should be desired by people rather than to make them alarmed by it. I’ve recently written on the internet to priests you should be prepared for martyrdom because those possessed, the Satanists, will first and foremost strike us, there is an encouragement there, as this is a very important moment to people in parishes who want to protect their priest from death and churches from desecration, to organize perpetual rosary prayers in their parishes, day and night, Mother Mary gives us a protective weapon, and if such communities are able to be formed, rosary prayer groups, than Satanist will not be able to break into churches and destroy them. People should start preparing for it now, through personal conversion, undertaking a sacrifice. In every holy mass when I say Christ’s words “every bread and wine” from the second Eucharistic prayer, a death he freely accepted I also relate it to myself. And now the third thing, just like the apostles, the faithful should protect their parishes, their priests, for a time will come when it will be difficult to find a priest. [56:41]

Fr. Artur: Father Adam, we are very, very grateful to you for giving us several hours of your time during which you have introduced us to the mysteries, the secrets of the near future, but also pertaining to our spiritual life. And we thank the Lord God first of all for blessing us with good weather, the sun and the surrounding nature during this interview as well as… mosquitoes… that have also called us to some sort of sacrifice: donating blood spiritually and physically for others. At the end, we would like to ask you father Adam to embrace us, the whole world and the church with your priestly pastoral heart and bestow upon us the benediction of the most blessed sacrament and may it accompany us this time of preparation for transformation for surviving The Warning and also, God willing, for our entrance to a construction of a new world which will be more pleasing to Him. [57:36]

Fr. Adam: I also thank everybody very much, let us now go to the chapel. [57:41]

[A private Chapel of Fr. Adam in his house]

Fr. Adam: This small humble chapel in the basement was anticipated by my father, and he fitted the windows here. He wanted it to be a homely chapel which would remind him of the chapel in the prisoner of war camping in Murnau, where he had prayed for five years. I made the tabernacle myself with my father’s box which is to keep documents and family mementos. It is beautifully decorated and its depth has been extended. The crucifix which I keep on the alter reminds me one of the sacrificial souls, who was so broken that she was on the brink of committing suicide… she kept this crucifix on her desk, she was a cripple, both her legs had been amputated and on this continuously inflamed foreshortened legs, she had to fulfill her function as a manager assent at a chemist shop. One can see how much it must’ve cost her. When she went through the schooling of the cross during her visits to me, she became such a heroic soul that she kept asking God to allow her to suffer so that she could offer her sufferings to the sinners who need them. It was just then that her condition worsened, though she didn’t despair, on the contrary, she was full of joy because God had accepted her sacrifice. The relics of Saint Raphael Kalinowski are embedded in the crucifix…. [59:32]


We worship you, Lord Jesus Christ in this place so hidden, so lonely, so peaceful, I treat this place as a dungeon, or put it another way, a prison in Jerusalem in which You were kept waiting for the trial before going up to Golgotha. It’s right here that I am preparing with you for my Golgotha. We worship you at this hour when you gave up your life on the cross. How wonderful and special it is that this very moment, at the third hour, we can be here. At this, the hour of your mercy, when you died on Golgotha. In your wounds, especially in the wounds of your heart, we conceal the whole of mankind in pilgrimage through the world and suffering in purgatory. In a special way we immerse ourselves in your wounds and bring to the streams of your blood, those who will soon experience judgment upon themselves, the particular judgment called “The Warning”, at the time of your Parousia. We are turning to you our Lord with words of litany which I am the writer. [1:00:44]

[The Litany of those awaiting the Lord’s return]

We beg you to give us trust, so that we are not afraid even if the Earth were to move at the time of your coming and the mountains were to fall into the abyss of the sea – Christ reign, Christ conquer.
Judge the world and its people’s justly calling to your truth, so that we may see your works, the amazing deeds which you’re performing on Earth – Christ reign, Christ conquer.
May even your wrath against the people bring you glory and may those untouched by your wrath celebrate your feast – Christ reign, Christ conquer.
Settle wars onto the end of the Earth, crush bows and spears, burn shields with fire – Christ reign, Christ conquer.
Let justice at great peace flourish in your days before the moons extinguishes itself. Christ reign, Christ conquer.
Let the wolf graze with the lamb, and may the old times never even come to mind, ever again – Christ reign, Christ conquer.
Let the land be filled with the knowledge of the Lord like the waters are filled by the sea – Christ reign, Christ conquer.
Take away from us our hearts of stone and give us hearts of flesh instead – Christ reign, Christ conquer.
Imbue us with happiness and let our Earth yield its fruit – Christ reign, Christ conquer.
From the third part of the litany let us repeat: Let your spirit descend and renew the face of the Earth.
Let your kingdom come and delivers us from evil. Let your spirit descend and renew the face of the Earth.
Let your lightning shine through our approaching one from the East may it shine as far as the West: Let your spirit descend and renew the face of the Earth.
Come upon heavenly clouds endow mighty power and glory. Let all nations behold you: Let your spirit descend and renew the face of the Earth.
Protect us when you bless the meek who inherit the Earth. : Let your spirit descend and renew the face of the Earth.
May a new Pentecost greater than the first one in the cenacle renew the face of the Earth and eliminate with its radiance: Let your spirit descend and renew the face of the Earth.
May your most sacred heart triumph at last to the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary: Let your spirit descend and renew the face of the Earth.
May your peace which is your gift rain on Earth, oh risen Lord: Let your spirit descend and renew the face of the Earth.
May the ship of your Church, fortified by the columns of the holy Eucharist, the blessed Mother Mary, be safeguarded against the assault of enemies: Let your spirit descend and renew the face of the Earth.
May the church enter its new Spring and may youth, its hope, boldly strive towards holiness, let your spirit descend and renew the face of the Earth.
May your second coming be the establishment of your kingdom of righteousness, love and peace in the world: Let your spirit descend and renew the face of the Earth.
Lord, you do not want any sinner to die but be transformed and have life. We beg you to look upon us with the eye of your mercy. And fulfill your eternal promises. Renew the face of the Earth by the power of your Spirit. And give your church a new Spring, so that It may enjoy the triumph of the most Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary in humility, purity, and holiness.
Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Lord Jesus, bless all those who are waiting your second coming. Those who are calling out: Maranatha, Come Lord Jesus! Bless those who have hope, but bless also those who still do not know you. Bless the sacrificial souls, the earthly angels on the edge, and at this hour of your death on the cross, help them lead heroic lives. So that their net, the net of sacrifice, be widely cast upon the whole Earth, to catch the billions of hearts for you. Oh God, who in a wonderful sacrament has left unto us a memorial of Thy passion, grant us we beseech this soul to venerate the sacred mysteries of thy body and blood, that we may always perceive within ourselves the fruits of Thy redemption, leaves and rains, world without end. Amen.

Fr. Adam Skwarczynski
I have seen the new world
[video] July 27, 2012

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